Broadcast and Post Production Services provided

Network and Server Computer System design, sales, maintenance, administration and support of Linux, Windows and Mac OS for TV production recording, post production content delivery to channels and broadcast.


Linux services include
Apache & Nginx HA-Proxy load balanced web-server clusters, MySQL, PHP, SSL certificates, KVM virtualisation, NFS, Samba file-servers, Linux based iSCSI & fibre channel SAN targets, Postfix, Dovecot, Cron, Bash, ZFS, Linux firewall / gateway security and VPN’s.


Dedicated server migrations to virtualised systems

Linux and Windows servers, Active Directory domain controllers and Exchange Servers are migrated to run inside KVM virtual machines. Windows AD roles are clustered in VM’s across multiple bare metal enterprise class systems, allowing for high availability and redundancy. RAID6 equivalent ZFS RAIDz2 and above systems are deployed on powerful multicore mainframe computer hardware and JBOD arrays, ZFS snapshots can return any damaged Windows and Linux Server image back to a previous state including a broken MS Exchange server VM in minutes not hours. Large multifunction SBS model systems are migrated to small function as appliances in a virtualised environment. Remote monitoring and Cron jobs are used to email critical system alerts when disks need replacement as well as system health alerts. Engineer, document, maintain, monitor and provide remote support or onsite when necessary for implemented systems.


Production recording and Post

Mac based video recording, audio, music and edit suites are connected to the network frame via Fibre Channel and 10G iSCSI network and AD Domain. Scriptwriters and production computer Group policy and connectivity to all production elements.